GI Map Server

Right at the core of the map services platform stands our high performance proprietary Geospatial engine, GI Map Server. It is an integral part and also a firm foundation for all our map service features, providing its own advanced fine-grained API.

GeoIntelligence Map Server provides access to a number of Greek and/or Cyprus geographical datasets to requesting clients. Clients are able to query and apply several spatial and textual operators on the available data via an Application Programming Interface. The API includes appropriate functions to solve various common problems like geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, map rendering etc.

Product forms

GeoIntelligence Map Server is available in three forms:

  • Web Server stand-alone Windows executable: Map server is delivered as a Windows executable that starts a web server exposing the API using SOAP Web services.
  • Web Server Windows NT Service: The Windows NT Service starts a web server that exposes the API using SOAP Web services.
  • Windows DLL library: The API is available through dll exported functions.


The dll version of GI Map Server is not generally available. It is offered only to selected clients in certain circumstances and has a different pricing and licensing model. (Not available for web server/client architectures)


There are two major versions for GI Map Server. Both versions (1.x, 2.x) are considered mature and stable.

  • Version 1.x: The first iteration of Map Server is still maintained, however we stopped adding new features to it on 2015.
  • Version 2.x: The second iteration of Map Server is improved in terms of performance, memory allocation, resource consumption and on top of that is more feature complete than its predecessor.

Api Reference

You can read more about GI Map Server and its API in GI Map Server's API reference.


GI Map Server’s API is available via Mapper Server too by its Core API, however it is REST based instead of XML based and therefore there are a few minor breaking changes.