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    Advanced Map Services 
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Services What we do

Maps APIs

Easily integrate a vast collection of localized map services right into your apps

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GPS Navigation

With more than 3.000.000 map license installations since 2003 we help GPS navigation users in their everyday driving

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High quality digital content trusted by major Companies from Greece and abroad

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Fleet Management

Boost your productivity, monitor your mobile operations and track your mobile assets

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APIs with benefits

Flexible pricing model

With low cost pricing models and unlimited transaction policy you can set your own limits without risking your operations' continuity.

Fits your needs

From cloud-based scenarios to on-premises private environments, there is a promising solution that fits  your privacy, availability and security needs.

High quality

Continuously changing and improving our content, based on our experience and your feedback.

Maps made in Greece

We know how to keep our maps localized as we walk, drive, explore and navigate the same environment as you.

It's personal

With our headquarters located in Athens we can guarantee personal contact and support. Remember we are just a phone call away.

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Meet our Map Services Platform

Geointelligence provides a powerful Geospatial Platform in the form of various products, that have evolved over the years, and covere diverse usage scenarios and technology stacks.

Right at the core of the map services platform stands our high performance proprietary Geospatial engine, GI Map Server. It is an integral part and also a firm foundation for all our map service features, providing its own advanced fine-grained SOAP Web Services API.

On the other hand GI Mapper builds on top of GI Map Server, not only wrapping it with a more modern REST-based API but at the same time also providing a new simplified coarse-grained API called GI Maps API.

Maps API has been designed to cover the most common map-related scenarios and focuses mostly on Web developers.

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Certified by hundreds of active installations, the functionality, effectiveness and efficiency of our APIs and its underlying algorithms is continuously tested.


Since 2007 we steadily adapt and improve our APIs not only based on technology trends but also on our Clients' needs and our localised context. Map Server and Mapper are the byproducts of a continuous iterative process running all those years.


At their second Edition since late '15, both Map Server and Mapper combine all their predecessors' features, but their engine has been completely revamped.

GPS Navigation Heads-up!

Since 2003, Geointelligence has been claiming a leading edge over Greek GPS market players, making popularly branded products over the years

Supporting the greatest navigation brands in Greece like Destinator, Mitac, TeleAtlas and TomTom with more than 3.000.000 installations

2015 Ginius Driver navigation software is pre-installed on Turbo X smartphones and tablet devices of PLAISIO

90% of the taxi drivers prefer Ginius Driver as their standard on-board navigation system for their everyday routes


Map licenses


Ginius Map licenses


Mobile licenses


% of Taxi drivers

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High Quality Content

At the core of every successful geospatial system lies a high quality, reliable geodatabase.

Building and maintaining our maps and POIs since 2001 hasn't been easy. Maps, just like a living organism, are continuously changing. Whether on the field or on a desk we are always working behind the scenes driven by our aim to offer content of the highest quality.

Furthermore, with the use of cutting edge technologies, we now offer 24/7 real time traffic information on our road network.


km Walked on Field


number of POIs


point Addresses

Map Coverage

Strong Partnership

The fleet management system is the result of our collaboration with a leading Navigation Technology partner from abroad

State of the Art

Based on our long proven experience in successful geospatial technology products

Track your Fleet

From simple to high end cases, regardless of your fleet's size we provide sound, foolproof solutions.

Our high quality data guarantee key features of the system like accuracy, performance, effectiveness and reliability

About geointelligence

Geointelligence started as a small group of researchers in an era when GPS navigation and geospatial systems made their first tentative steps.

First Steps

From the beginning, Geointelligence built its most important asset, the digital map of Greece and has over the years managed to maintain it by not only keeping it up to date but at the same time enhancing it with new features and information.

Software house

With sound geospatial data as its solid foundations, the company invested in software development, gradually expanding its products and assets.


Since 2003, geointelligence claims a prominent position in the Greek GPS market, having developed and put forward a series of sound and popular products.

Our mission

Started small, but now grown up to a company with many achievements to its credit, we aim to continuously offer improved services and data, strengthening entrepreneurship and covering everyday needs.

Our vision

Always staying relevant in such a fast paced and competitive field is only the beginning. Being able to cover every need regarding geospatial data and software is driving us forward.

Recent years

The company's vast collection of geospatial data and specialized geospatial engine now fuel all kinds of organizations, from start-ups, to large companies and government agencies.

We are good at

Being always up 2 date
Adapting to localized content and context
Carefully listening to your needs
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Phone Number +30 210 6998687

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